Advent through the centuries, preamble

Tomorrow morning this blog roars back into action! Make a bookmark! Dust off your RSS readers! (Does anyone use an RSS reader any more?) Tune in! Subscribe!

This is going to be the plan for the next 24ish days. Every day at 7:30am (starting tomorrow!) this blog will have a series of readings related to Advent. Each day will follow a century of Church history, starting tomorrow with 0-100, continuing on Monday with 100-200, etc. each reading will have a short passage of scripture, a reading from a theologian from that century, and a prayer that originated in that century. So, for example, tomorrow’s post contains a reading from Romans, a reading from the Didache (an early church document originating around 70AD), and the Lord’s Prayer.

These readings are usually going to be reflections on Advent specifically, but not always. A wide variety of theologians and prayers will be used – I’m trying to cover as wide a swath of denominations, etc. as possible. Please read along, comment, and share them on Facebook – I’m really excited about this.

See you tomorrow! (PS, if you have a favorite theologian from between 500 and 600AD, let me know?)


3 thoughts on “Advent through the centuries, preamble”

  1. Quick question: the scripture passages you’re using line up 1 to 1 with the ones my home congregation is using. What is the resource from which you’re drawing the texts? could you link me so I could toss the link up on my blog series?


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